Youth Activities

Newly Organized RHUMC Youth Fellowship Ministries

We are utilizing a team leadership approach to youth ministries. We have divided the Sunday School from the United Methodist Youth Fellowship (UMYF). We look forward to what God will be allowed to accomplish in our young peoples lives.

Our Junior and Senior High leaders are committed to offering our youth a safe, Christ centered location for fellowship and personal growth. We utilize a team approach to leadership.
Our primary goals are to assist young persons in establishing a personal relationship with Jesus the Christ, and in learning to serve Him. We accomplish these goals through our team taught, Christ-centered and Biblically and topically based activities. Through the classroom, and outside fellowship opportunities, we develop camaraderie, friendship and support for one another.

The Middle/Senior High UMYF and Junior/Senior High Sunday School classes work integrally together, each enhancing and motivating the other. Junior High and Senior High School students looking for youth fellowship are encouraged to join us for the Sunday School hour to connect with all service and social aspects of our programs.

Over the years the Junior/Senior High Fellowship have participated in various special events sponsored by Christian groups, such as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the Winchester District UMC, and the VA Conference UMC. We have also attend Christian concerts, youth rallies and the Annual Teenmania – Acquire the Fire and the United Methodist Youth Music Festivals.

Additionally, we have offer opportunities for local mission, including Good Samaritan Sunday – a winter program to feed the Homeless, and seasonal community service projects. In the past we have sent teen teams to the Dominican Republic to conduct a Vacation Bible school program and undertake construction projects. During the past several years we have focused participation within the ASP, Appalachian Service Projects, in VA, WV & TN. This summer our youth missionaries will be traveling for another mission trip. We are constantly listening to the desire of the youth in fulfilling their spiritual needs via activities, missions and spiritual retreats.

We encourage and welcome new participants in the Middle, grades 6-8, and the Senior High, grades 9-12.

This is one of the most dynamic pieces of our ministry given that the participants are with us only for a few years. It is constantly morphing.

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